“I Am Zacchaeus”

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Sunday night at a Church of the Nazarene in San Ignacio, Belize. I had been asked to stay over in order to share another Bible Story after the morning service had gone so well. This night I choose a favorite of mine since most people ‘think’ they know what it is about; the story of Zacchaeus. We had a very energized discussion examining the story with all ages participating. I had noticed a visitor who had come in a bit late and sat in the very last row. Even though he did not join in during the singing, he obviously became more and more involved during the discussion.

When the altar call was given by the local pastor, I noticed several people immediately kneel at the altar including this visitor. Along with another pastor who was present, I knelt next to the man and asked him how I could help pray for him.   “I AM ZACCHAEUS” he said. A bit surprised I asked for an explanation. He said that he was full of sin and needed to be forgiven. He wanted, as Zacchaeus did in the story, to know who Jesus really was! He prayed his heart out and much like Zacchaeus did, without being asked, he offered himself to God.

He also told me that he had not been in church for many years but was sitting at home that afternoon when the idea came in his mind that he should go to church that night to hear a message from God. All of us were so glad that he did!

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