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Hi Ray,

Both my wife and I used the STS method tonight at the YFC high school meeting.  We were teaching boys and girls separately. I was amazed at how easy it was to prepare because I just knew the story. About 20 minutes to memorize and another 30 or so writing out observations.  From there it was mostly prayer.  I also found it helpful to talk through with myself how I might bring out observations with the audience.  The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive and they started clapping when we were done.  I think the hardest part is bringing out the observations and I hope that gets easier with time, but the guys were interested and engaged for a full hour.  My wife had the girls break up into 8 groups of 5 and answer a list of questions covering key details in the story and she made it a contest.  So by the time they were done, they had heard it 8 times and still had a half hour of observation and application.

The director of the center has asked if I can show the leaders the STS method or at least give a one-hour overview.  Both of us had kids coming up to tell us how much they enjoyed the “teaching” and that they had gotten something out of it.  And that was our prayer so we’re grateful!

Thanks so much for sharing the STS method, I’ve taught and sat under Bible teachings for 10 years now and this will change everything

In Christ,

John Cassel

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