A Reason To Come Back

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A Reason To Come Back

Just this week, a pastor who I am training to become a teacher of pastors shared an encouraging story. He has also become one of our Bible storytellers, using that method to teach others. He had taught a particular Old Testament story some months ago that really stuck in the heart and mind of one Catholic young man who had been coming. This fellow, whom we will call “Juan,” had come for a while, then disappeared and finally returned. Juan shared that while he was “away” from the group, something happened that made him realize how much he learned by participating in the Bible storytelling sessions.

Juan had met another man, and while neither knew if the other was a Christian, they started a conversation. The newcomer ended up basically “preaching a message” to the pastor’s friend. Juan was surprised to hear that it was one of the stories he had learned through Bible storytelling. He also realized that he knew much more about this story than what the other man shared. So after his new friend had finished, Juan began asking questions to pry into the story a bit more. This method is what makes Bible storytelling so successful. It had the same effect on Juan’s new friend, as in the course of time, tears began flowing down the man’s face. He said that he realized that Juan had so much to teach him and he was so grateful for being shown in such a gentle way that there was much more to learn.

So Juan came back to the Bible storytelling group eager to learn more, now that he had experienced firsthand how easy it was to pass along to others.

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