“I Think This Is An Amazing Tool!”

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“I Think This Is An Amazing Tool!”

I have used it (Bible Trekking) three different times already; twice Saturday and once Sunday. I told my 13 year daughter the story of Zacchaeus and she retold it to me and as we began to talk about the people in the story and how they might of felt. Something amazing started to happen she began to apply it to her own life. Without me even leading in that direction. I am so thankful we were able to attend your training class this weekend. I am totally sold!

Now I’m downloading the stories and practicing them so I can be a better story teller!!

Bobby and I together did some story telling to the 2nd service worship team.

Saturday evening we all got together for some team building and we were able to share, and they all seemed to like it and Sunday some of them were asking if we would do one of the stories with some people that weren’t there Saturday. So with all of that said every time we’ve shared there’s been a very positive response. I’m very excited to start using this especially with my own children to see Bible stories come alive to them has me so excited and my daughter already shared with one of her friends.

I think this is an amazing tool!! thank you for sharing it with all of us!!

Angie Schneider

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