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After attending a STS workshop, Ray Neu, a Missionary/Pastor /Teacher, who ministers in Belize wrote his thoughts regarding the workshop to some of his co-workers who serve in Asia. He forwarded his letter to our STS Headquarters.

“The God’s Story project has expanded their tools beyond just the God’s Story video. Simply The Story or STS is not a video – it is an oral teaching that simply and ONLY uses Bible stories directly as they come from the Bible. An instructor repeats the story, a parable, or narrative, or whatever it may be, as accurately as they can, then asks for a volunteer to repeat what they can. This begins to engage the audience. The next step is to walk the entire group thru the story together by prompting them to retell 
the story one piece at a time, in order.


“Then the instructor leads the group thru a conversation of discovering treasures – first spiritual observations from what they see happening in the story. No outside information is allowed and any suggested observations must come ONLY from each individual story. (One potential allowance is if another story has recently been taught, but this should be limited.)


“The final stage is to seek spiritual applications from the story as it relates to us today.”

“The results that Dorothy and many others around the globe are reporting are extremely encouraging. I sat with a pretty impressive group of people last week who – even though some were struggling with is a bit – repeatedly expressed how valuable this could be in the countries they serve in. I heard testimonies of Bible college and Seminary leaders talking about the practical and powerful effectiveness of this method.

It is pretty easy to learn,
very reproducible,
does not elevate the teacher nor restrict duplication due to NOT using Greek/Hebrew/outside sources,
in each group I was in or taught – there was immediate participation, 
eagerness to engage, conviction and or personal applications and insights freely offered at a level that was almost disarming. I’ve taught a lot of small groups – but this was the easiest ever!


“There’s a lot more I could say about who embraces and who struggles, etc. (mostly the more learned a person is, the more difficult time they have adapting) Leave it at this for now – I am convinced and will be using my free time to use this promote this wherever I get the chance. I truly believe that this will empower and release the largest army of workers for the Harvest that we have ever seen!”

“Here’s part of what I wrote in my blog about it:

“Why does it work? Here are a few reasons:

1. None of us is as smart as all of us. The group dynamics always bring out an abundance of input and valuable information.

2. No one is elevated as the “authority” or the genius who can’t be done without. The authority is in the Scripture Story itself, nothing else.

3. It is fun.

4. It works.

5. It is easy to understand.

6. It is easy to reproduce.

7. It keeps the main thing, the main thing – God’s Word.

8. The Spirit more readily

  • convicts,
  • convinces,
  • challenges and
  • comforts as each person participates.


9. Once through the process, people want to do it again.

10. It levels the playing field and keeps us all at the foot of the cross.

“It’s good friends – really good!

“Want me to come demonstrate?!!”

~ Ray

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