1st Bible Story Training In Belize

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BELIZE—Bible Story Telling is a system of discovering the treasures that are in the Bible for us to find. It is so simple, even in its name, that many people do not give it a chance, until they experience it firsthand, THEN they are amazed!!

We saw that here in Belize, not only in class, but also as one of the students taught a Bible Story Telling session to a visiting youth group from Florida. They were astonished at the discoveries they were making from just five short verses that took them nearly an hour! The time flew by so quickly that they did not realize it.  They were aware that there were many more discoveries to make still!

The pastors who came to this two week class were a diverse group. They came at my invitation to an “experiment.” From their responses at the end of these two weeks, I determined that the experiment was a huge success!

In short, we spent each day digging into one Bible story after another, learning them by heart in order to repeat each story without reading it. Then, working together, as a group to search for treasures in each story. This simple process is the key to this amazing system. Seeking treasures, as if walking slowly down a path, makes each story come alive!

“I have been praying for the last three months for God to lay it on Pastor Ray’s heart to teach us this Bible Story Telling. I am very excited that I learned this and I will use it in my church this Sunday.” (This from a pastor who did not know I was thinking about doing this – nor did I know that he was praying such a prayer! Guess when I started planning it? Three months before!)

After the first week, a new pastor spoke up and said, “Before when I preach, some of the people hang their heads like they are not listening or they are bored, but now they sit up with their eyes wide open! And 2 young men now want to come to the class!”

One shared a Bible Story at a bus stop where nine people were waiting for the bus. They all got excited and wanted to learn more!

One dear older pastor who cannot read or write shared how grateful he was for this. (You can learn it without knowing how to read or write.) He feels this was made just for him. He wants his whole church to experience it.

One lady shared that she had a heavy heart now that she learned from Malachi that God would rather have the church doors shut because of unacceptable worship and how God would move on to other nations that honored His Name. She prayed through the night that Belize would be a nation that honored God’s Name!

Several shared that they sense that God will use the Bible Story Telling to spread across Belize and really make a big, big difference in their people, especially because it can be done in their own languages.

Still another veteran pastor said: “I am going to teach this in my church and send people out two by two to teach it throughout the village and in other villages. We are excited to go home and use this!”

I believe that this model will revolutionize pastoral training, not only here in Belize, but “beyond Belize” as well. (Ray Neu)

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