“The Bible Story Guy” 

Rev. Ray Neu has served the Lord for over 30 years. 18 years in youth ministry, both at local churches and as Campus Life Director at Youth For Christ, in Columbus Ohio. He was also outreach/missions pastor in Cape May, New Jersey for 5 years. As Creator & President of Actual Reality, Ray was used by the Lord to lead a multi-faceted team to develop the first CD-Rom for Christians, featuring 26 Christian music artists.  Multimedia development continued as Director of Research and Development for Antioch Interactive, producers of “The Tabernacle” and “Solomon’s Temple.”

He and his wife, Becki, share an intense love for missions, leading teams to 24 countries on 40 different trips. The last 5 years Ray has served as a missionary professor training pastors in Belize, Central America. A Bible teacher at heart, Ray is always searching for the best tools to effectively transfer God’s Word into hearts and souls.

Bible Story Telling has become his favorite way to communicate the transforming messages of God’s Word. Passionate about the effective empowerment of others has led to his latest development: The LEADERS AUDIO BIBLE©, a Bible story based pastoral training course designed for those who prefer to learn by active participatory story telling.

Ray is seeking translators to aid in expanding this tool to a wider global audience. He can be contacted at ray@leadersaudiobible.com

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What Other People Are Saying

“Ray has supernatural passion for the Lord and shows that passion when engaging in story telling. His desire is to reach the Lost by any means possible and story telling is that outlet to do so, Ray is dependable, educated, and very goal orientated. As mission president of Seashore Church of the Nazarene I highly recommend him as a speaker for any organization.” October 24, 2011
– Carol Kapurelosassistant chief, lower township rescue squad

“Sharing the Good News of Christ and the timeless stories in scripture are Ray’s passion. His ability to take the stories and make them come alive for the Oral Learner, and his work to develop methods and tools for discipleship that can be used by all, regardless of literacy, IS revolutionizing the mission field. His tools cross language barriers and multiply those that can share the Stories of Scripture. His work in Belize has equipped dozens of leaders to pastor churches and grow the kingdom.” September 24, 2011
– Teresa PageAdministrative Associate Pastor, Grove City Church of the Nazarene

“I have known Ray for many years. His vision and passion for his work is only surpassed by his love for the Lord. He is more than a teacher who is blessed with an ability to communicate and relate tangible and creative ways to diverse groups and cultures. He has the ability to take concept, formulate a plan of action and execute this plan to meet the objective; bring the Gospel! This is especially apparent in his most recent body of work with story-telling tools which he has successfully used to teach potential pastors, with limited education, complex theological concepts required for ordination. Success was contingent on his ability to share the vision and allow others to walk alongside, participate and share the load. There are many other examples that show Ray’s ability to take a concept, create an actionable plan and execute while recognizing the need to always be flexible and allow the Lord to work His plan Above all Ray will serve as He is led.” September 12, 2011
– Ted HainesProgram Manager, JP Morgan Chase

“Ray is passionate about many things, but most importantly, he is passionate about God, His Son Jesus, and about seeing God’s Word come to life in the world around him in such a way that hearts are healed and lives are mended. Telling the stories of the Bible in a compelling way takes this passion. Ray brings God’s Word to life through story telling and through the Fruits of the Spirit which are evident in his life!” July 27, 2011
– Daniel PapeStudent, Adaptability Northwest Nazarene University 

“Ray’s Story Telling techniques he uses to teach the Bible is an innovative way that really makes the stories come to life for those being taught. It is an excellent way for people to learn a piece of the bible and take it with them and apply it for years to come.” July 18, 2011
– Sonya StretchBoard Member, Grove City Christian School