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We need your drawing and illustrative skills! Yes, these are TOLD stories, but in some settings, it is helpful to have pictures to go along with the stories. Our goal is to have pictures that not only tell the story but show some of the lessons learned in each story as well.

YOU already know and believe in the power of music! Help us create some brand new songs, like those on this site, that will capture the attention of a new generation of Bible Story Tellers and compel the messages far and wide. Nothing moves us like music!

Step into His Light

Secret Prayer

We need your help to put this into the hands of potential Bible Story Tellers who speak the same heart language as you do! Write to to find out how you can help change the world!

We need your help to fund projects for:

* Translations

* Trainings

* Providing Leaders Audio Bibles to those who cannot afford to purchase them.

* Offering small stipends to some of the skilled work we just cannot do without! (The bulk of us are volunteers!)

* Being ready for the “Next Big Thing!”

We need you! We need your willingness, your ability, your presence. The goal is to train trainers who will train others in every country worldwide. God’s building His team. Be a part of it!

You guys and gals blow my mind! Always suggesting new ways to take this to more and more audiences on more and more platforms. We need your help to make the ideas become realities! Apps for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and online alternatives abound. Even some thoughts about printing on paper! Go figure!

This works great in schools that teach Bible / Religion classes or have chapel times. Contact me to arrange training for your teachers and for tips on how to apply this in your classroom.

You, like me, know the value of knowing people. Who do you know that can help in any of the areas above? Email me and let’s build a better network.

Going on a Mission Trip? What a great tool to take with you on your next Mission Trip! Learn how to teach the Bible Stories and consider taking some of the Leaders Audio Bibles to give to others wherever the Lord may be leading you!

Let’s face it, I have not thought of everything – but you will! Bring your ideas, your gifts and talents into the mix.