First Thing

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BIBLE: an amazing book of stories filled with drama, excitement, treachery, love, adventure and life!

TREKKING:  to go on long journeys usually to places difficult to reach or previously unknown to the traveler.

Urban Dictionary – (v.) to go on a long arduous journey by foot, bike, boat or flight. Usually accompanied by random outbursts of song!


So why do this?!

  • Because of the Journey!
  • Because it’s FUN!
  • Because of the people you’ll meet along the way!
  • Because of the random outburst of song!
  • Because of the PURPOSE!
  • Because it’s rewarding!

We at Bible Trekking™ believe that the Bible is ALIVE!

Let us show you just how alive and exciting it really is.

Bible Trekking™ will:

  • Show you how to Trek INTO a Bible story as if you are really there!
  • Quickly teach you a system of fun, exploratory discovery
  • Prove that the Bible is relevant for everything we face today
  • Show you how you can lead others to experience this
  • Help you Trek TO other people, places to share what you have learned!
  • Your “Trek” may be on foot, bike, motorcycle, car, truck , tractor, donkey, boat, rickshaw, train, plane, or submarine…

Your “Trek” may be

  • across the yard
  • across the street
  • across the city
  • across the sea
  • across cultures
  • across the room…

The point is to “GO!” and share your stories with others!


p.s. – Bible Trekkers are attracted to places where others do not regularly go – which is why we have so much fun!