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Training YOU to Train OTHERS!


We believe that you will love Bible Trekking™ and enjoy it so much that you will want to share it with others.

You can do so by:

  1. sharing this website
  2. practicing with your friends, help them learn from what you are learning
  3. go to where you will find a complete story training course – in audio format (for all of us non readers!)
  4. AND – by contacting us to have one of our Trainers come train your group.
    Email Ray at
  5. go to for a weekly online story

Tracking our Trekking!

We would like to see just where and how far our Bible Trekking™ goes, so as you begin to do Bible Trekking™, please share with us when you share with others. So whether it is just you, sharing with a neighbor or someone on the bus, or commuter train, or a mission trip to some far off exciting place, let us know!

Periodically, we will post updates that will encourage all of us as we see Bible Trekking™ spread globally!

Right now, we have Bible Trekkers in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, West Virginia, Australia, Belize, Germany, India, and…?!


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(We have an audacious goal that we believe, with God, is totally possible! More on that later!)